Ashley Ruth

F1 Performance Team Member

Ashley Ruth is absolutely infatuated with everything that encompasses living a healthy lifestyle, and being “YOU” fit. She whole heartedly believes that being “YOU” fit is a state at which you are happy in YOUR own skin, and look at yourself in the mirror… pause… and say, “Dang, I look good! ”


Ashley Ruth has been an Athlete her entire life. She has played volleyball, soccer, cheer, dance, and swimming. She has been in the bodybuilding world for 3 years, and has competed in 4 shows. Ashley Ruth is currently a member of the Alphalete Family and a Formulation 1 Athlete. As her alter-ego, she has a Master’s Degree in Education Administration and is a high school teacher, and soccer coach. The best part about her job is educating her curious-minded students about health and fitness. Even being known on campus as the bodybuilder-teacher.


Ashley Ruth has entangled her life into the gigantic world of fitness because there is so much motivation out there, and she wants to add to that motivation. She asks herself everyday what makes her different from every other female in the fitness industry, and her answer is…. ME! Connecting with people every day and hearing/sharing progress, and success stories, is extremely uplifting. If she can make one person a day look at themselves and say, “Dang, I look good!” or “ I feel amazing!” that is what is truly motivating!