Channing Byrd

F1 Performance Team Member

Channing, yes like Channing Tatum, loves being challenged and told what she can’t achieve and can’t accomplish. This gives her the fire to prove them wrong! Channing may just be the prissiest country girl you’ll meet and she is proud of it. Even though she can be shy at times, performing, modeling and being on stage under the lights is where Channing’s desire has bloomed.


She loves training in the gym since it’s a time where everything simply fades away and its completely her against herself. Channing has been an athlete her entire life ranging from cheerleading and volleyball to basketball, softball, and track. She always wanted to push herself onto a new challenge. Even though she enjoyed competing against others, Channing truly enjoyed competing against herself more. She believes it is a harder challenge to fight the excuses and temptations and get to work. Anyone can run a race against another person, but can you run a race against yourself?