Jennifer Hennessey

F1 Performance Team Member

No short bio can summarize her daily life, however most moms and career women can find that the organized chaos of Jennifer’s day is more than familiar! At 38, Jennifer is a mom of 2, owner of the Animal ER of NW Houston, emergency veterinarian, a veterinary journalist, journal and book author, an avid equestrian, an artist, and enjoys working out! Her hardcore bodybuilding hobby is truly the backbone to her 24/7 lifestyle.

In 2012, Jennifer became fed up with her unfit and worn out body and decided to commit to a bodybuilding show. Consequently, this led her to start learning to lift weights and eat correctly to fuel her body. Jennifer found a sports nutritionist and aimed for the intimidation of the stage in order to find motivation and keep her accountable for her plan. Crash diets had never worked and only led to a lifetime of bad eating habits and low self-esteem when it came to her personal body image. Within 8 months, she won both of her classes (Fitness and Figure) but her true win was self-confidence and a new determination to help others set down their excuses of lazy lifestyles and pick up a set of weights!

Jennifer has most recently won Bikini Masters Overall in at the NPC show and, a month prior, won 2nd in Figure Open at the NPC Legends in Las Vegas. She has been nationally qualified and competes in Figure since 2012 where she took 2nd at the NPC Texas State and then won the Overall Figure at the Texas State Naturals show. Her training is unique in that she limits 1 hour per day of heavy lifting (usually coming off of a 15 hour graveyard shift) and utilizes downtime for her weekly meal prep. On Sundays, Jennifer steps out of the gym to take her kids to the track for family fitness fun time where they flip tires, run bleachers or even skip around the track. Her daily lifestyle consists of encouraging others to simplify eating by meal prepping and committing to a daily workout for body, mild and health …that is when she is not balancing kids, kids’ activities, enjoying time with her amazing man and working to grow her practice as the community veterinarian within the classrooms or on the local news.

In short, no one has a simple life that allows for the convenience of making “getting fit” easy, we all balance a full plate, but with dedication and creative scheduling it can happen. Jennifer uses every one of the Formulation 1 products within her daily routine for added motivation, increased energy and to help achieve as much as she can both in and out of the gym.