Jessica Lynn

F1 Performance Team Member

Jessica has been a part of the Formulation 1 family since August 2014. Through Formulation 1, she has been able to do so many things, travel to so many places and grow, not only as a professional athlete, but her overall performance. Formulation 1 truly has been a MAJOR KEY to her success story!


Jessica was a competitive dancer for most of her life. Even though she considers herself somewhat of a shy individual, Jessica loves performing and being on stage. She danced professionally for the Iowa Energy NBA­D League and Iowa Barnstormers AFL. Jessica has done a lot of promotional modeling over the years as well as a tiny bit of acting. Her love for fitness blossomed in 2010 when she started CrossFit; it was love at first lift. She craved that feeling of lifting heavy and pushing herself to every show she’s competed in.


Through the journey, Jessica has met some wonderful athletes and amazing promoters. Her top four favorite memories have been winning the Overall Bikini title at the 2014 NPC Dallas Europa, turning pro at the 2014 NPC USA’s in Las Vegas, earning her first professional top 5 placing at the 2015 IFBB Iowa Pro, and, in March of 2016, she was greatly honored to be invited to compete in the second annual Arnold Australia! Traveling internationally has been a dream of hers since she turned pro!


Whatever she commits herself to, Jessica will work as hard as she can to achieve it due to holding herself to a higher standard! She continues to set her goals high which pushes her harder and drives her to be 110% on her plan. In competing, Jessica works to bring her best package to stage…always improving from the last.


Some of her favorite non­athletic activities are chilling with her man, Taylor, and her two furbabies, Pickles & Reggie, shooting her guns, fishing, creating all styles of art (including hand making all of her competition suits), and she loves her job as an independent hairstylist and makeup artist! A few more fun facts: Shannon’s favorite muscles to train are her shoulders & glutes, for obvious reasons, favorite foods are donuts, Oreos and salmon, and favorite supplements are FORMULATION 1!!!!