Shannon Walden

F1 Performance Team Member

Meet Shannon (O’Shea) Walden. She is a jiu-jitsu athlete who keeps her bikini heels tucked away for a rainy day. After the Arnold Classic in 2014, Shannon hung up her heels and ventured out to challenge her body’s physical capabilities by landing herself in her first Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ) class. Her now 9 year old son has been training BJJ for about 3 years and he thinks it’s pretty cool that his mom can compete right alongside of him. Shannon has two big goals in BJJ for myself: (1) be a world champion at every belt and (2) to train in every state and country she visits. Her first shot at a world championship title is coming up and she is hitting the mats 6 to7 times a week in preparation.


Alongside that goal, Shannon has a full-time job as the Business Development Manager for Ultra Medical Solutions. Currently, they manage Podiatry practices in New Mexico and will be coming to towns near you very soon. Their goal is to provide patients with the Ultimate Foot care experience and to provide the physicians with everything needed to focus attention on the patients, leaving the business stuff to them.


Shannon is also a wife and mother. After reading this you are probably wondering how she can do all of this stuff and whether or not she sleeps! The truth is she has never wanted anything else. Shannon has always wanted to push herself physically, mentally, and spiritually ever since she was a child. Formulation 1 provides her with a connection to like-minded athletes who share her passion to aspire athletes no matter what level.


At 33, Shannon is just now finding herself again. She refuses to believe she is “too old” for anything. The support she has from the team is incredible and she looks forward to sharing her story with anyone who will listen. If reading this gives you the tiniest bit of motivation then it is worth every second in writing it. She hopes you will follow her journey on Instagram at Fitshey30. Shannon would love to hear your stories as well! If you need supplements to fuel your body and reach your goals, look no further than Formulation 1. Shannon was a fan before she became a sponsored athlete and the skies the limit!