Gen Next

What is GenNext?

GenNext is a term/phrase to describe a new generation of fitness and nutrition. Here at Formulation One we are taking it to the next level with all generations. Not only do we train and do what we do for ourselves, but we want the next generation to experience the same optimal health and fitness levels we are experiencing here at Formulation One. We want the world to know that Formulation One is not just for one specific person, but for everyone of all ages.

Why is being healthy important to all generations?

Currently in the United States, there is an obesity issue that is leading to serious illness in adults & children alike. The nation is now attempting to correct these issues; however, this is not one that the government can handle alone. In order for the healthy changes that are needed for adults & children to maintain and perform to their highest potential they will need to learn healthy eating choices and become active, exercising regularly. If children do not see healthy eating behaviors and fitness in their homes the likelihood that these same children will start and continue healthy habits, is highly unlikely. By incorporating a healthy and active lifestyle into one’s life you are lowering your chances of acquiring serious illnesses such as diabetics, heart disease, and stroke; help to improve your moods & attitude towards life, as well as the quality of your life.

How does one generation’s health effect another?

As children it is a parent’s responsibility to care for their children & ensure their health is optimal; however, once we become advanced in age, we find that the process reverses and we need our children’s help and assistance. The financial, emotional, and physical stress one can experience from caring for a sick loved one can eventually lead to the caretakers suffering from their own forms of health issues. By teaching nutrition and fitness at an early age these children grow up not only knowing how to achieve optimal health, but they employ it in their adult lives and pass the tradition on to their families. The more families that incorporate health & fitness as an important component in their lives the more the world will begin to see a decline in health associated costs as well as disease and illness, as well as longer, healthier, and happier lives.